Monday, April 2, 2012

Rug hooking...

a needle felted chicken attached to an old salvaged hoosier
cabinet door

an old teacup, several old silver plated spoons hung from an old board sign
in colors I very seldom use, very springy

an old bench Kris and I found is the perfect spot cushioned
by a tombstone angel

a chicken in progress, destined for an old cabinet door

a fish pattern from Kay, turned into a fanciful trout as a gift
for my husband

some of the new Heaven to Betsy wools we got in the shop
they are just awesome, I already have several projects in mind
On the first Monday of the month Kris and I head down to Duluth for our rug hooking club meeting. I remembered to bring everyone's wool that they ordered, some of my projects and something to work on but I forgot my camera!!!

 Everyone brought their projects, very short meeting, much gabbing, a little hooking, a wonderful lunch... it was great!!

Seeing as how I had no camera, here are some of my latest projects...

The new wools we have been getting in at the shop are just beautiful! I already have several ideas in mind and I am working on paying closer attention to putting things down on paper and taking pictures so they can be made into patterns!! Hoooo rah!! that really is a big achievement for me. Kris always asks me if I remembered to do a pattern and I hate to tell her that I never even think of it.

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