Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fayal Garden Club

 We did a demonstration earlier this summer for The Fayal Garden Club. Kris gave an overview presentation of rughooking and other uses for wool fiber, it just astounds me how she can think on her feet and always looks so confident. We had a great time and the ladies fed us a wonderful lunch!! There were beautiful flowers on all the tables, just amazing.
Thank you for inviting us!

...the wonderful lunch
...all the flower club members having a great time visiting

 Spinning a little wool. Kris has a little Honda Fit and the temptation to take my wheel with was an easy go.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jeff's flowers at home

Hollyhocks and tiger lilies at our house. 

I think the hollyhocks are my favorite... they are so delicate but yet are one of the most determined flowers ever, they can survive any weather...
The humming birds just love to hang out here, what better combination??
 This little guy was a rescue and we just love him. You never know where he will turn up, sometimes he is in the back yard, sometimes in the front or by the garage door. He is so old... he has lost his ears somewhere along his life path... the silly old thing.
a little rug on a bench made up of some of the new color wools in the shop