Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Eclectic Event

a vendor with gifts inside balloons
another with the greatest soaps, lotions and candles
 The weekend vending went pretty good...

We had snow... huge flakes that actually stayed on the ground to the tune of a couple inches. It made the roads a bit slippery and probably kept a few people home, but we still had quite a few adventurous souls come out to check out our wares.

wine bottle lamps
The girls billed it as the Eclectic Event so we had a few come out just to see what we were up to!1 We had a lot of fun, the other vendors were great!! Everyone brought cookies or bars to go with coffee and we probably spent more time visiting and checking out each others booths. Everyone agreed it was better than a day at work and agreed to do it again next year.

Sandra's awesome jewelry

Kris is busy working on a blackbird sampler...

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