Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thank you everyone...

 Thank you everyone for sending your prayers and thoughts out. Everything is going good and things are getting back on track. Kris is doing pretty good, a bit under the weather from the new meds but just moving forward.

Last Saturday (Kris called and was still up to go, can you believe it?? The iron woman!! plus take in a couple garage sales.) we went to Land of the Loon to see our friend Theresa, the artist behind Coco Moon...

We missed her and I can tell you we were so looking forward to seeing her new creations!!

 On the way back we took in a couple garage sales and filled her little car with more things to repurpose for the shop.

Today we took a run out to the farm to see how the horses were doing after the storms and rain last night. Short of having to put more fly spray on them, they were no worse for the wear.

Starting them out early!!
My youngest grandson Chase

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Pendleton Primitives said...

They are so cute!