Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hooking Workshop

Tomorrow night will be our first rug hooking workshop. The first one I am thinking will be kind of experimental to see how everything goes. I am so excited to be getting started with a kind of new venture (new for me, Kris is very good at this sort of thing!!). When ever you can incorporate something you love into your "work", how much better does it get!?? I am going to make the heart and it will look so cool on the knob of my little corner hutch.
The next one will be offered on Tuesday, February 21st and again on Thursday, March 15th.

Anyone have ideas on primitive prairie?? Am looking to do some re-vamping the shop's victorian type area and would appreciate any ideas. 

Today will be busy setting up Easter displays in the shop and making plans for Eveleth's Puck Days - March 16 & 17. Not sure what we are doing yet, something with Bonsai Tea and Cottage Goods, will be fun...

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Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh, please keep trying. Did you type in
Let me know if you still can't get in! Thanks, Dawn