Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alpaca shearing...

For a couple days this past week I helped out with shearing alpacas! Wow did I have a lot to learn, it was pretty sweaty, grubby, hard work, but left me with a great feeling of accomplishment in teamwork and getting the job done. 

Some of the alpacas were sweet and resigned to being sheared, some were spitfires and employed every trick they could think of to prolong the shearing process and some of the alpaca were just scared. (I learned the sneezing sound they make is actually regurgitated food being spit out at you, scared alpacas can scream so loud earplugs would have been ok and I discovered leg muscles I forgot I had, ha-ha!)  

They are beautiful animals with super soft coats and beautiful doe like eyes that melt your heart. I got the go ahead to share some of the pics with you. 

Thank you Susi!

One of last years babies.

The brown girl in the back was sheared last Saturday.

Wearing cool jackets to keep the hay and dirt off their coats.

Keeping her eye on me!

One of the Great Pyrenees alpaca guard dogs, huge and gentle.

An older Icelandic Pony that was very concerned 
about the baby alpacas.

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