Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This has been such a busy week already!! Kris took care of the shop for me on Monday so I could be with Tina when she went in for surgery on her neck. (She is doing pretty good and is back to work today - tough Finn woman!! Yesterday I pretty much spent the day finishing up some projects and visiting.

An old wooden crate, some old chair legs and ta-da!! an off the floor display for bolts of rug hooking backing!!
This is an old divided cupboard Kris unearthed from the bowels of her garage!! Many scrubbings later, some cut up music pages for shelf liner and some old numbers tacked on and it looks pretty cool!! It's working pretty good to corral some of the small things that just get lost otherwise.

The old icebox is looking pretty good too with the addition of a few signs Barb got painted. When her aunties asked if we wanted to haul away the old boards that were going to the landfill I knew we would be able to put them to good use!!

Everyone have a great day... I'm off on another project (have some wax heating up in the back room)

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